Beauty OEM Platform

Generating B2B Leads for a Beauty Platform


Generating B2B leads for one of the world’s leading innovators in beauty creation

U.S. · Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram


Established in 2001, CTK Cosmetics is on the bleeding edge of cosmetics manufacturing, pioneering a factory-free company that provides full-service turnkey product development. Known for discovering advanced cosmetics technologies and formulas as well as collaborating with state-of-the-art R&D centers, CTK holds over 280 patents related to cosmetics. CTK’s clientele includes top luxury houses including Chanel, DIOR, Aveda, CLINIQUE, and more.

They launched a virtual beauty showroom called CTK CLIP where clients can easily browse the latest innovations in packaging, formulas, and ingredients. With the click of a button, they can request in-depth information, pricing, MOQs, fact sheets, and get help from sales consultants.

After launch, CTK wanted to advertise through paid channels in order to boost website registration and B2B lead generation.

What we did

We started by doing a thorough analysis and customer profile of the types of people who would be interested in a service. With our expert copywriter, we crafted a variety of messaging approaches that directly addressed customer pain points. We also began analyzing successful companies and businesses, taking note of what creative worked and what didn’t.

Further, we analyzed CTK CLIP, identifying potential points of friction in the registration process. We offered UI/UX recommendations that would simplify the process, leading to more conversions. 

Lastly, we worked with CTK CLIP to install Facebook conversion tracking along with Google Analytics, goal tracking, and UTM link tracking. Armed with this knowledge, we created our initial set of ads for Facebook/Instagram in English and Korean as well as LinkedIn (in English). 

After launching, we quickly generated relevant landing page views, using Facebook and LinkedIn pixel data to optimize for conversions and creating more effective lookalike audiences for more efficient ad targeting.


Over 300 B2B leads and contacts were generated within two months of launch while reducing cost per registration 53% on Facebook.