Amplifying Brand's Global Recognition Through Integrated B2B Digital Strategy

Hyundai Mobis

Capturing the Audience With an Inspired Vision of Future Mobility

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Hyundai MOBIS is an automotive parts maker leading the smart mobility era. The brand’s unique focus on combining software and hardware differentiates it from others in the future mobility industry. We recognized the opportunity to echo this differentiating approach in the brand’s social communication strategy.

The ask was to develop social media content that catered to clients, potential clients, as well as MOBIS’s international staff. In order to do this, we considered each of the platforms as well as the target personas to create relevant content. Through thoughtfully catered social media content, our aim was to communicate a consistent brand identity that was true to MOBIS.

What we did

Our core strategy was to leverage the brand’s key values and vision to craft captivating social media content. Because of the nature of a B2B brand, our key challenge was to produce content that showcased the innovative technology and its impact on future mobility in an accessible way. By pairing this strategy with optimized ad campaigns, we reached a broad audience while boosting engagement.

In order to strengthen the brand’s communication, we sought out more exciting ways to deliver in-depth information. The content ranged from job description and industry trends to earnest employee interviews on company life. Both short and long form viral content were produced, sharing the stories of overseas branches. 

In particular, we focused on sharing a cohesive branded message to reveal the core of MOBIS’s brand values to its audience. One major undertaking was creating an uplifted social media banner and relevant content, which succeeded in elevating the brand and ultimately receiving a Platinum Muse Award.

In relation to potential clients, global mobility and tech related conventions such as CES and IAA served as particularly important opportunities to spread the word for mobility brands like MOBIS. As events that receive attention from top global brands, related industries, and a general worldwide audience, they functioned as major sources of social media content. We produced teasers, event sketches, in-event content, and other branded content, conducting events in order to create synergy between off and online. We went behind the scenes of the dazzling CES 2024 showcase with the MOBION Documentary, earning us a Platinum Muse Award.

Content of this quality earned us 3 Communicator Awards for innovative and effective communication. The winning entries included a video unveiling the e-Corner System on city roads, a MOBIS Ventures Silicon Valley (MVSV) documentary, as well as the global employee newsletter, The MOBIS Digest. 

The MOBIS Digest in particular served as a way to share comprehensive news and social media content with global executives and employees. By conducting an employee survey, we obtained data on content preferences. This resulted in the addition of content areas such as tech trends and updates from global branches. Our attention to engagement data each month resulted in active participation from global employees, strengthening their connections with the brand.

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