Partnering With Mega Influencers to Enter the U.S. Beauty Market


How collaborating with mega influencers like Tati Westbrook helped Medicube gain credibility for skin care devices

U.S. · TikTok, Instagram, YouTube


Medicube is a leading South Korean clinical skin care company that caters to a wide variety of skin concerns. It focuses on providing skin-transforming solutions with clinically-backed beauty devices and skin care products. 

With several months of collaboration under its belt, BorderX aimed to target the US market. It looked to increase credibility of Medicube’s home-care devices, as well as to introduce skinimalist and skintellectual audiences to various skin care combinations for their concerns. With a combination of influencer content and educational skin tips on social media posts, the Medicube device products rose in popularity among the US audience.

What we did

We partnered with creators to deliver informative tips embedded in daily life revolving around the AGE-R ATS Airshot, AGE-R Derma EMS shot, AGE-R Ussera Deep Shot, as well as skin care products that may be used in conjunction with these devices.

With the recent rise of massage devices that blend health and beauty, the market presented with new opportunities in this space. With a following of 8.5 million on YouTube, beauty content creator Tati Westbrook increased overall sales in devices, resulting in 4x ROAS. Beyond basic product placement, Tati’s content was made more relatable through honest reviews of her personal 30-day trial of the device. Supplying plenty of information and step-by-step instruction, our team of creators produced a variety of content including Instagram Reels, YouTube tutorials, TikTok videos, and Instagram Story frames. 

By creating authentic, engaging, and informative content, they were able to showcase the key product benefits of each skincare device and encourage their followers to engage in self-care.


By employing Tati as an informant on beauty devices via her “Better Than Botox” content, Medicube saw an increase in engagement rate and sales.