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Boosting Amazon Sales With Influencer Marketing

Tittle X

How we increased Amazon sales by 2,243% with Youtube influencer marketing

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Tittle X is a world-class home golf simulator equipped with an ultra-light sensor, accurate analysis system, and a simple sensor attachment system, which provides a realistic golfing experience to stay in shape and have fun during the off season.

The brand approached waymakrs with the goal to drive traffic to Amazon, with the ultimate goal to convert sales.

What we did
  • BorderX identified Matt Fisher who, through his Mr Short Game channel, provides reviews of golf products and educates followers on golf tips and tricks.
  • We engaged Fisher to create the YouTube video to promote the product and give a review.
  • We collaborated with Fisher to do a thorough channel analysis to create customized content optimized for the channel’s viewers. From unboxing to a detailed product review, and even a side-by-side comparison with a competitor’s product, Fisher went beyond a standard product review video to create a unique video.

By working with just one influencer exclusively, Tittle Tech was able to give Fisher unique content to provide his fans. The video reached over 125,000 people with 292,000 views.

traffic to Amazon page
% increase in sales