Legal Tech

Communicating Accessibility Through Effective Branding


How we developed branding that reflected Typelegal’s mission and vision



Typelegal is a legal AI start-up that offers a platform enabling users, especially small and medium-sized businesses without in-house legal teams, to efficiently create their own contracts and address the disadvantages arising from poorly drafted contracts.

With a grand vision to expand globally, they approached BorderX for the development of a cohesive brand design system that aligns with their mission and vision, including logo creation and overall brand design system guidelines.

What we did

BorderX identified the objectives of this project as follows: to create a distinctive brand identity that would reflect Typelegal’s vision of creating a culture of easily accessible contract drafting for everyone.

To achieve this, BorderX crafted a visual identity system that adeptly represents the Typelegal platform's attributes and qualities. The logo illustrates the user's text input process, capturing the essence of "automated contract drafting." Furthermore, the brand application integrates icons and imagery that radiate a sense of friendliness and approachability.