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Bringing Global News to Korean Business People

Alibaba Group

Boosting awareness through social media and performance marketing

South Korea · Instagram, Facebook, Naver, Google


Alibaba Group, the world’s largest e-commerce company, looked to run an exciting campaign that aimed to drive awareness of the brand to Korean business people with interest in China. We looked to carry out a social media management and performance marketing strategy that would keep this wide target audience in mind.

What we did

To speak directly to our target audience’s needs, we wanted to emphasize the capability of Alibaba News Korea to provide current business news. Our research on general consumer trends sharpened our content focus toward topics that would add a human touch to Alibaba Group Korea’s corporate image, featuring more people, events,  and content that would resonate with the Korean audience. We implemented Naver, Google search, and Google Display Network advertising campaigns, as well as Page Like Ads, earning us more page likes at a lower cost. Our Facebook and Instagram content consisted of clean, simple, and direct visual design, supplemented by post boosting, all spreading awareness of Alibaba’s up-to-date business news platform. We also utilized events and partnerships, such as an influencer collaboration with Ichira. By actively studying the target audience’s needs and interests (topics around global business and sustainability efforts) with a careful eye on consistency, engagement rates soared while spreading word about Alibaba News Korea’s brand values.


By focusing on the needs and interests of this audience and leveraging social media platforms and advertising channels effectively, we successfully boosted awareness of Alibaba News Korea among Korean business people interested in China by achieving impressive engagement rates and increased page likes.