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The CardioVascular Research Foundation (CVRF) is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. Since its establishment in 2002, the CVRF has been conducting three main activities under the mission.

  • Promoting innovations
  • Sharing the latest findings
  • Providing training opportunities

CVRF organizes and promotes four main annual events for cardiology professionals annually: TCTAP, AP VALVES, Complex PCI, and the ACT Fellowship Program. The client’s main goal for social media marketing is to advertise events and entice users to register for the upcoming events.

CVRF came to us to set up and manage its social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the objective of increasing brand awareness and promote events through SNS management.


  • Creating social media content that resonates with target audience
  • Managing multiple social media accounts with optimized posting times for its global target audience.
  • Effectively utilizing social to advertise upcoming events
What we did

BorderX took a three-step approach to achieve CVRF’s campaign objectives:

1. Social Media Trends & Target Market Analysis

We performed a deep dive into the social media trends particular to the medical non-profit and events marketing industries to better target CVRF’s main target audience:

  • Medical professionals (specifically in the interventional cardiology industry)
  • Located in China, US, and Europe

2. Social Media Style Guide

Based on CVRF’s existing social media designs and upcoming event branding guidelines, we created a social media style guide to effectively communicate CVRF’s authority as a thought leader in medical events for cardiology professionals.

3. Content Management

Combining the market landscape analysis data and the social media style guide, we created a series of branded social media posts to not only increase awareness of upcoming events, but set apart CVRF as a thought leader in the cardiology industry.


After partnering with waymakrs, CVRF’s social media performance excelled by:


growth in total audience size


increase in Facebook Page likes


increase in engagement rate across all channels