Generating Global Brand Awareness

CTR Aftermarket

Generating global brand awareness for premier aftermarket automotive parts

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CTR is one of the world’s leading automotive OE manufacturers for the largest car brands. Utilizing 60+ years of OE expertise, they create safe and reliable aftermarket parts for thousands of car makes and models worldwide.

CTR’s global presence: +25% of global drivers have experienced CTR parts. The question was, how do we translate this global presence and manufacturing acumen into a compelling social media presence. 


This presented several key challenges:

  • How to strengthen branding through a strong and consistent social media presence
  • How to create messaging or creative visuals that work across 3 distinct regions with visual and cultural preferences
  • Properly translating and communicating technical product features and benefits that is suitable for novices and pros 
  • How to adjust the messaging TOV for each region
  • Localizing visuals to appeal to different audiences 
  • How to provide value to CTR’s target audience through content that strikes the right balance of technical, informative and engaging
  • How to actively communicate with different audiences with different cultural preferences
  • How to actively grow the audience
What we did

In order to tackle global B2B content marketing challenges, we analyzed the auto aftermarket in 3 different regions (an industry with very specific local distribution models). Through our network of local partners and newly gained localized & technical expertise, we did the following to present CTR as a global and leading manufacturer of safe and reliable parts: 

  • Researched and analyzed areas of content opportunity in the international aftermarket B2B industry - interviewing local industry professionals
  • Identified universally appealing content pillars
  • Developed a brand guideline for social media, defined the key visuals and elements with a clear TOV and brand personality
  • Tapped into BorderX’s international network for local community managers and content specialists to ensure proper translation and understanding of local culture
  • Monthly brainstorming sessions for deep product insights with the CTR team

Over the course of 1 year of management, we achieved the following results over all 6 (regional) channels: 

  • +78.8% net audience growth (YoY) 
  • +34.1% incoming messages (YoY)
  • +191.7% in engagement rate (YoY)
  • Launched LATAM socials leading to highest number of inbound messages and leads across all regions
  • +194.3% total impressions (YoY)
  • +996.8% link clicks compared to previous period
  • Generated B2B leads in more than 15+ countries (Oman, Russia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, United Arabs Emirates, USA, Vietnam, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, Thailand, Iran and more)
audience growth in 12 months
engagement rate in 12 months
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