Bringing Medicube to the Global Stage With Khloé Kardashian


Partnering With a Celebrity to Reach the U.S. Mass Market

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Medicube is a leading South Korean clinical skin care company that caters to a wide variety of skin concerns. It focuses on providing skin-transforming solutions with clinically-backed beauty devices and skin care products.

Since 2021, BorderX and Medicube have strategically elevated the brand's presence in the U.S. through various key initiatives, including influencer partnerships, brand ambassadorship, media recognition, and strategic event placements. Influencer marketing played a crucial role in promoting Medicube's Booster Pro facial device across North America following its global launch in February 2024, with renowned beauty influencers like Hailey Bieber and Tati Westbrook embracing and sharing Medicube's products, setting the stage for success in the global market.

What we did

With growing traction in the U.S. market, BorderX team strategically navigated timing and executed this impactful partnership with Khloé Kardashian, further solidifying Medicube's appeal and influence in the beauty industry. Collaborating with a celebrity of Khloé Kardashian's stature required a strategic and nuanced approach. To effectively do this, we needed to analyze Khloé's social profile and audience to gather key insights that guided the content strategy to sharpen the message toward her specific audience. 

To ensure alignment, we scheduled a 15-minute video call with Khloé, her glam squad, the production team, and the brand. During the call, we addressed device-related queries and shared our creative vision for the Booster Pro device. We balanced the brand’s vision with Khloé's style, negotiating usage rights, exclusivity, and deliverables. Despite time zone challenges and unforeseen circumstances, we made quick decisions, leading to Khloé's content going live with exceptional views and reactions, sparking interest from other celebrities.