Earning Mainstream Media Coverage in the U.S.


Establishing brand awareness and credibility in the U.S. beauty market



Medicube is a leading South Korean clinical skin care company that caters to a wide variety of skin concerns. It focuses on providing skin-transforming solutions with clinically-backed skin care products and beauty devices. The brand looked to establish credibility as a clinically-backed dermacosmetics brand in the U.S.

What we did

In order to stand out from other beauty and makeup brands, BorderX implemented a strategic, long-term PR plan paralleled a sharp influencer marketing plan that would promote relevant products and cosmetics. By doing this, we not only wanted to create a complete sales cycle, but also boost awareness and popularity of Medicube devices and products among the U.S. audience.

Considering that Medicube was in the early stages of building brand awareness in the U.S., we built a strategic plan around establishing a concrete brand image in the market. Based on our findings of the American audience’s appreciation for real results, skin safety and health, we focused on the clinically-proven aspect of Medicube products and devices.

Our main strategy aimed to garner media coverage as well as to deliver campaigns that resonated with our audience. This meant delivering campaigns with personal and powerful impact on consumers, retailers, influencers, and dermatologists. In generating maximal coverage for its new launches, devices, and clinically-proven product quality, we focused our efforts around beauty award submissions, beauty box sampling (i.e.NewBeauty Luxury Box), and building relationships with top beauty editors.

Through ceaseless efforts of pitching newsworthy PR angles informed by trends, seeding products for authentic reviews, and quickly responding to promising opportunities, we secured a broadcast sponsorship on Lifestyle Today and gained valuable coverage from recognized media including Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Byrdie, NewBeauty, and more. Aligned on our goal to demonstrate the clinically-proven aspect of Medicube, we pursued partnerships with leading dermatologists and gained organic coverage that highlighted concrete results of Medicube’s products.

Furthermore, the marketability and innovation of the product, along with brand power were all considered for submitting to specific beauty awards. As a result, Medicube received recognition through the 2023 Marie Claire Beauty Awards and SELF Healthy Beauty Awards. The Marie Claire Beauty Award was covered in the monthly Marie Claire print magazine as well.

At the world-famous fashion charity event, the Met Gala, we collaborated with Lily Collins’ Makeup Artist, Fiona Stiles. We earned significant exposure for the use of Medicube devices in achieving glowy skin while Collins also received attention for Best Dressed at the Gala.

  • Top-tier organic coverage from Marie Claire, Allure, Vogue, Byrdie, Cosmopolitan, New York Post, Good Morning America, NewBeauty, Elle, etc., as well as over 1.5 billion in UVPM in 3 months.
  • Received Marie Claire Beauty Awards & 2023 SELF Health Beauty Awards; received organic coverage as well as exposure in Marie Claire’s monthly magazine.
  • Partnered with Lily Collins’ Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles during Met Gala 2023; secured an exclusive article as well as earned coverage.
  • Secured partnerships with leading dermatologists to highlight clinically relevant facts of Medicube