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Building brand awareness, engagement & reach with petfluencers

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As a leader in the realm of pet products, Pethroom is founded on a mission to put animals first through quality and humanization. For this collaboration, it teamed up with Wiggle Wiggle, a fun-loving and colorful lifestyle brand, to create exciting influencer content. The purpose of the collaboration was to create buzz around new products such as the Squeaking Lobsters Nose Work Toy, Wiggle Bear Poop Bag and Pouch, and Flower Pet Cushion. Together, Pethroom x Wiggle Wiggle hoped to increase web traffic and demand generation.

What we did

By aligning with BorderX, Pethroom x Wiggle Wiggle recruited the power of 12 pet influencers with a total reach of 81,918 followers. Our pet influencers created hundreds of new conversion opportunities for Pethroom x Wiggle Wiggle. In the end, the marketing strategy not only increased brand awareness, but generated heaps of adorable user-generated content. Micro-influencers were particularly integral to the campaign, producing the highest engagement and link clicks.

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