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Rolling Out a Spicy IMC Campaign for a New Buldak Flavor

Samyang Foods

Generating excitement among Korean and Hispanic Americans

U.S. · Instagram, Youtube, OOH, Instacart


With Buldak gaining more and more momentum abroad, Samyang wanted to boost awareness for the launch of its new Buldak Habanero Lime flavor. The target audience was Buldak fans in the U.S. Gen Z population, with a secondary target of Hispanic audiences as Samyang sought to emulate familiar flavors for this community.

What we did

To increase awareness about the product launch, we started out with research on the U.S. audience and market with the objective of driving traffic to H Mart stores, and devised a cohesive global integrated marketing communication (IMC) package accordingly. Our campaign sought to resonate with the preferences and cultural backgrounds of our target audience, with strategic platform selection, target audience segmentation, compelling content creation, and effective calls-to-action (CTAs).

Creative production addressed the product launch through several avenues, such as a product tagline, launch video, motion graphic, and photography. In order to amplify the effectiveness of our content, we carried out giveaways on social media with resounding buzz and excitement about the new flavor. 

Influencers were selected based on values that aligned with those of the target audience. We selected 1 mega influencer (Guga Foods), and 2 macro influencers (Chris Cho and Cooking Con Claudia) who met our criteria. They specialized in creating dishes from minority cultures in the U.S., each representing niches that led to elevated engagement rates from our target.

We also ran out-of-home advertising in the heart of Korean-American fusion cultures, Koreatown, Los Angeles. Not only did this target Korean-Americans, but the strategic placement of these ads near H-Marts also urged the audience to try the noodles right away.

In order to boost sales for the product launch, we created a brand page and ran paid ads through Instacart, a major delivery app platform in the U.S. This not only supported sales, but it also helped draw in new customers as well.

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