Food & Beverage

Harnessing SEO to Launch a New Era of K-Pasta

Samyang Foods

Remarkable Brand Exposure Results Through SEO and Content Optimization

U.S., Canada


After the success of its globally renowned Buldak Ramen, Samyang Foods launched Tangle, new air-dried noodles opening up a new era of “K-Pasta” in the North American market. The name Tangle was derived from the Korean adjective for elastic and chewy, paralleling the eating experience.

To facilitate a successful launch Tangle’s entry into the North American market, we employed Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using keywords such as “k-pasta” and “kimchi rose,” our goal was to increase brand exposure through Google Searches in North America. And by doing this, we hoped to spread the unique personality of K-Pasta not only to North America, but also worldwide.

What we did

The SEO campaign began with an in-depth analysis of relevant words such as “k-pasta” and “k-noodles.” We went on to optimize the content based on linguistic characteristics of North American and other major market cultures, continuing to adapt the keyword and content strategy based on consumer search habits. Through this culturally-sensitive strategy, it was possible to attract potential customers in North America and other markets throughout the world.

On-page SEO optimization was a top priority as they significantly impact whether users click on a webpage. This included the meta titles and descriptions, crucial in summarizing the main content of the page on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These were optimized to reflect the search habits of Tangle’s target audience, and incorporated keywords in order to effectively appeal to Google’s search engine algorithms.

We also carried out content optimization, ensuring that keywords were placed within the main content, headings, and subheadings. This would help create content that Google search engines could easily understand, providing useful information to users. By doing this, we increased the brand’s exposure on Google search results, ultimately driving more visitors to the website.

Combining Tangle’s audience search habits, search engine optimization, and information optimization, we maximized the effects of SEO through a comprehensive content optimization strategy. This led to some outstanding results.

We also carried out technical SEO, which involves optimizing the code structure of the website to help search engines better understand and evaluate it. This process goes beyond the surface in order to improve the internal code that search engines interpret, affecting both external and internal aspects of the website. Technical SEO improved the Tangle website structure to be more user and search engine-friendly. From image alt tags to header tag organization, as well as ensuring each page contained at least 2 internal links, this boosted overall functionality and accessibility of the website.

Given that ongoing monitoring and optimization are key elements of a successful SEO campaign, we regularly monitored Tangle’s SEO performance and adjusted strategies based on analytical data. With continued tracking of keyword rankings, website traffic, and user engagement metrics, we were able to affect a swift response to provide Tangle a competitive edge using search engine algorithms and market trends. This systemic and strategic approach enhanced Tangle’s online visibility and search engine performance.


Among the highly competitive K-Food market, Tangle achieved great success through effective SEO strategies. New product keywords such as “kimchi rose,” “k-pasta,” “k-noodles,” bulgogi alfredo,” “pasta korea,” “bulgogi pasta,” and “korea pasta near me,” Tangle quickly rose in the ranks of Google search engine results in the U.S. As a result, visitor traffic increased not only in the U.S., but also in Canada, Japan, the U.K., India, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, and others.

Organically on Google over a 2-month period, we saw:

increase in new users
increase in number of sessions
increase in page views