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Tangle Angel x London Bouquet

Tangle Angel

Curating quality UGC content to generate buzz and raise brand awareness for Tangle Angel’s London Bouquet Line.

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As an award-winning Royal and celebrity hairdresser, co-founder Richard Ward knows the importance of having control and confidence in your beauty tools. Since launching its signature Tangle Angel brush, the brand is now in 40 countries worldwide and provides expert care for women around the world with all types of hair textures and styles.

Tangle Angel’s London Bouquet is a new line of hair care products ensuring that every woman starts their day with perfect hair. Inspired by wedding bouquets and England’s elegant, classical atmosphere, London Bouquet aims to offer products that boost customer satisfaction.

As a well-established brand in Korea with marketing experience in Korea, Tangle Angel’s prior campaigns were well received on traditional digital marketing platforms.

With the new product launch, the Tangle Angel team needed to partner with UK influencers that fit the brand story and create content that resonates with Tangle Angel’s target audience.


  • Finding influencers in the UK who fit the brand story
  • Creating content that resonates with target audience
  • Ensuring publishing quality on a strict schedule
  • Communicating and negotiating licensing terms with UK influencers

For this campaign, Tangle Angel aimed to promote the Keratin Balm hair pack from the new product line, London Bouquet. The product would be shared by influencers in the UK in a product review-type content. BorderX was brought on to build out the influencer marketing campaign from outreach to licensing.

What we did

Tangle Angel was very specific about the influencers’ look and feel, how the product was to be portrayed, and the brand voice. 

We used a four-step approach to achieve Tangle Angel’s campaign objectives:

  1. Outreach
  2. Content Management
  3. Roll Out
  4. Licensing


The BorderX team sourced and recruited influencers that fit into Tangle Angel’s brand story and generated UGC content for the brand to repurpose for marketing. During the outreach process, we created and communicated content guidelines that specifically outlined the client’s expectations in terms of brand voice, imagery, and publishing.

Content Creation

We were able to produce enough content to cover Tangle Angel’s multi-channel needs across social, website, and press release articles. Once the client approved the influencers and the content was produced, we ensured an ongoing quality management process to ensure that the images and captions would highlight the key marketing points.

Roll Out

In order to maximize the campaign’s performance to meet goals, all influencers were required to publish within a given time frame. Once the concept was approved by our internal quality control process, we made sure that the content was published on Instagram in an impactful manner. Handling the upload time, tags, caption, and hashtags was key to creating buzz and raising awareness in the appropriate markets.

  • Engagements for in-feed posts were incredible in this campaign, with an overall engagement rate of 24.86%. 
  • 100% of the posts met Tangle Angel’s content guidelines 
  • 15% more Instagram in-feed posts delivered than promised
  • 95% more UGC content delivered than promised
  • 50% of content approved and licensed for repurposed content