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Bluecom is a leading electronics manufacturer in South Korea, supplying products and parts for major companies such as Motorola, Foxconn and LG. 

With over 30 million bluetooth headphones manufactured, Bluecom decided to launch their own brand “EXFIT” - featuring the wireless headphones “the BCS-T90. 

In order to generate sales revenue and build brand awareness, Bluecom looked to BorderX to  

  • Build awareness through product reviews on YouTube
  • Operate paid ads during Amazon Prime Day
  • Create a 3D animation video to highlight product features

After analyzing the existing situation with the headphones, we found several challenges: 

  • How to build social proof and touchpoints to help persuade the customer that the product was purchase-worthy
  • How to properly recruit influencers that would have audiences interested in the headphones
  • Creating a 3D animation that properly conveys the most important features of the product.
What we did

In order to tackle these challenges we: 

  • Crafted a YouTuber influencer recruitment strategy to target creators with audiences most likely to purchase the product. 
  • Consulted closely with Bluecom to create a storyboard for the 3D animation that conveyed the most important features. 
  • Installed a pixel on Bluecom’s site to gather data to generate lookalike audiences to target for Prime Day ads.

Through careful planning, research and execution we: 

  • Recruited 7 influencers with a combined 562,000 subscribers
  • Created a sleek 3D animation
  • Launched an extremely successful paid ads campaign with the following results: 
  • Achieved CPC that’s 156% cheaper than target goal
  • Exceeded click goal by 569%
  • Exceeded CTR goal by 316%