BorderX awarded Bronze Winner from World Brand Design Society In-House Rebranding Category

Design Award Honors In-House Rebranding Project

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May 9, 2024

BorderX awarded Bronze Winner from World Brand Design Society 2023/24 In-House Rebranding Category

Global-native digital agency BorderX announced that it has been named a Bronze Winner in the In-House Design Category at the World Brand Design Society Awards 2023/24.

Held annually in London, the World Brand Design Society Awards is a prestigious ceremony internationally recognizing outstanding brand design. The design award attracts participation from companies, agencies, and creative designers worldwide, showcasing creativity and innovation.

BorderX’s Bronze Winner design award for the in-house rebranding project, inspired by a compass, visually represents the philosophy and role of BorderX. Through branding and marketing services specialized for overseas markets, BorderX aims to help local and international companies achieve successful global growth by transcending boundaries.


BorderX’s Rebrand

An insider stated, "Winning the Bronze Winner prize with WBDS following the Grand Prize at the 2023 K Design Award is a significant achievement, recognizing excellence in the global creative field, particularly in branding." They continued, "The rebranding process allowed BorderX to establish its identity anew, which was deeply meaningful, especially considering that it involved all members of the company. Moving forward, our goal is to actively support and deliver results for companies in need of new branding or branding renewal services for the global market, leveraging our global creative capabilities."

Reference: Hankyung

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