Beauty Tools

Creating Demand for Make-up Brushes on Amazon


ACoS improved by 40% over the course of BorderX's management

U.S. · Amazon


Bdellium creates professional makeup tools to offer more variety and precision control over application in both professional beauty and special effects makeup.

They were already listed on Amazon but didn’t have many sales as they were not properly marketed on the platform. Our goal was to:

  • Properly market Bdellium tools by selecting the right keywords while starting from little to no sales velocity
  • Create an effective PPC campaign structure and PPC system to effectively market Bdellium

What we did

We did an audit of Bdellium’s product category and key marketing points, researching the most effective ways to market professional brushes on Amazon’s marketplace. Then, we implemented a systematic approach to product and keyword targeting to quickly increase revenue for the account by:

  • Researching targeted keywords with special third-party tools
  • Implementing an automatic prospecting campaign to harvest effective keywords and competitor product targets
  • Prioritizing highest potential ASINs to focus initial advertising
  • Strategically categorize products to ad groups according to keywords
  • Implementing negative keywords and targets.

Over the course of 8 months of management, we exceeded Bdellium’s expectations by improving ACOS by 40%.