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Demonstrating Clear Value Props Through Cohesive Website Redesign


How we combined data, strategy, and creativity to boost interest in bHaptics



bHaptics is a tech startup that designs haptic accessories for VR gaming. Through our paid ads campaign, we noted a high CTR and low conversion rates, and saw opportunities to increase conversion on the website. Our goal was to generate interest from American male gamers in the 20-45 age range, increasing the time spent on the website through more branded copy, design, and logical web flow.

What we did

First, we began by identifying pain points, considering the digital customer’s journey, gathering customer input from social media platforms, and referencing competitor websites. Through performance marketing data, we gathered information on where and how consumers were spending their time, as well as the information they sought out. 

From there, we noted the disconnect between customer demands and the current website. We identified pain points in the current website, choosing a few pages that could really benefit from a redesign, including the home page, product pages for TactSuit X16 and X40, shop pages for each suit, and the main shop page.

One area of improvement was that the exciting value props were not made clear right on the home page. To entice gamers right away, we executed a direction of copy that was confident, authoritative, and knowledgeable, and design that was clean, modern, and simple. 

The website also needed more clear communication of the difference between TactSuit X16 and TactSuit X40. We wanted to better communicate the experience of using the TactSuits. To make that clear, we carried out an in-house photo shoot to demonstrate specific gaming sensations made possible with each suit, and used graphics and images strategically to maximize readability.


The result was a website that more clearly communicated the excitement of bHaptics’ technology in an intuitive, descriptive, and direct way.