Expanding Reach by Revitalizing Brand Communication


Shifting the social media strategy to break into the U.S. beauty device market

U.S. · Instagram


A clinical skincare brand dedicated to providing powerful skin solutions for each skin type, Medicube reached out to expand brand awareness in the U.S. Having grown rapidly in Korea, expanding globally to North America, Southeast Asia, and North Asia (Japan). Through a 3-month takeover and U.S. Instagram style uplift, BorderX searched for opportunities to support Medicube’s goals. Due to the lower saturation of competition in this relatively new space, beauty devices presented with tremendous opportunities for growth. We hoped to spotlight the devices by finding, developing, and upholding Medicube’s brand persona and tone of voice. By producing content that resonated with the North American skintellectual audience, we looked to build and engage Medicube’s community as well.

What we did

In order to engage the skintellectual audience, we wanted to draw attention to Medicube’s key value propositions, which we broke down to: real, effective, reliable, and research-based. Intentionally and thoughtfully crafted content were centered around three main categories: brand, product, and results. 

Through brand content, we aimed to communicate and strengthen Medicube’s brand identity by showcasing thought leadership, skin expertise and tips, and brand values. Product content consisted of education on ingredients and products, as well as device technology. With results content, we wanted to realistically display real people and their real results, using tools such as UGC, testimonials, and reviews.

Key in all of this was to develop a unique social media persona and brand identity, conveying Medicube’s messaging clearly. This included creation of cohesive visual content and logical social media strategy to reach Medicube’s core audiences. Additionally we amplified reach through a targeted paid ad campaign. In the end, we reaped big benefits from establishing skin expertise through a clear authoritative persona, and shifting the strategy for a new and exciting beauty device market.

increase in profile views within 3 months
increase in website clicks within 3 months
increase in follower growth within 3 months