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Unmasking US Sales with FaceTory


Accelerating cross-platform e-Commerce sales and online ROAS for a popular K-Beauty Brand

U.S. · Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google


FaceTory is a leading K-beauty brand known for innovative skincare that is accessible and approachable. Based in the U.S., they bring Korean ingredients, formulations, and approaches to the States that are traditionally hard to find or afford outside of Korea.

Their products have global appeal, and sheet mask collections have been especially popular in the United States. FaceTory engages shoppers with acurated, flagship product line complimented by other k-beauty staples including sheet masks and cleansers for all skin types. The company has been featured in Marie Claire, Business Insider, Allure, and BuzzFeed, among others.


FaceTory had a strong presence in their niche U.S. market with incredible success in their sheet mask subscription service. Their web-based, direct-to-consumer business was strong. However, they realized that this success could be amplified with a stronger digital marketing investment.

What we did

Assessment & Opportunity

They approached BorderX to help design and deploy the digital advertising that would fuel their growth. Given their young, U.S.-based Gen Z market, FaceStory wanted to convert their strong social media engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with paid advertising and promotions that resonated. Another core focus included bolstering Google Ads and Amazon PPC campaigns to keep their products and brand top of mind across channels for active buyers.

Approach & Strategy

With clear direction on buyers and platforms, the BorderX team began by detailing the advertising funnel needed for each channel. We outlined the life of a lead, from a cold lead clicking an ad for the first time all of the way through their conversion into a sale. 

We approached PPC programs for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok similarly. After creating a cold prospect marketing funnel, we refined audience targeting through continuous use of pixel, making sure ads were in front of more qualified or likely buyers. We experimented with messaging, changing hero products and monitoring engagement to find the right mix of content and visuals for each social media platform.

For Google Ads, we conducted manual keyword research to understand buyer search behavior and personas. Our team created high-performance keyword campaigns, monitored them daily, and continuously optimized them to improve click-through rates and conversions.

FaceTory relied on Amazon for organic sales, and we explored ways to maximize growth with automatic prospecting campaigns. Our data-driven manual keyword research highlighted the best performing keywords and listing targets. We implemented manual targeting campaigns and strategically grouped keywords to optimize bids. We also invested heavily in Amazon PPC during the holiday season to capture additional market share and mixed in video to stand out from the competition.

For every PPC campaign, we crafted copy with a consistent tone, making sure that the brand remained recognizable and relatable through iterations and across platforms. Taking the best from every effort, we created evergreen campaigns featuring the highest-performing hero products and content for each channel, mixing videos, static images, and content carousels.


Spending millions in advertising revenue across Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google, FaceTory was eager to see results –  and the results were mind-blowing.

In just one year, FaceTory’s Amazon sales increased monthly revenue 3200% with return on advertising spend (ROAS) improving by 500%. Digital advertising efforts clearly paid back in spades.

The new advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram achieved monthly revenue 6x higher for the duration of the BorderX engagement. In addition, ROAS was 3.5x higher for the same period. TikTok followed with similar high performance: 2.4% click-through rate (CTR) on the best performing ads with over 40,000 clicks.

Google Ads also performed to high results. Over two years, Google Ads achieved monthly revenue 2.5x higher and ROAS 2.4x higher compared to performance before our team took over digital ad management.

increase in yearly ad sales
growth in campaign size (2020 vs. 2022)