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Spreading Brand Awareness Locally and Abroad


How HMM achieved high engagement in multiple target countries

South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, UK, Thailand, Vietnam · Youtube


HMM is a Korean global integrated logistics company providing the best transport services. Its objective was to spread the brand message and purpose through a YouTube performance campaign within Korea, while raising brand awareness with overseas workers in the industry.

What we did

To target various countries effectively, we suggested multiple video variations. To make sure the budget was spent effectively, we proposed video editing suggestions, target testing, and close optimizations in achieving the goals.

Korean Campaign

At first, HMM’s main goal was to raise their general brand awareness with the general public of Korea which led us to target a wide age range from 18 to 54 in the country. However, under our careful monitoring we soon found that the actual audience age, while getting views at a good price, did not support the client’s general brand awareness goal. To make sure all the videos were pushed to a broad range of audiences rather than to a specific group, we segmented the targets to make sure the contents were  pushed properly. Due to Google’s tendency to unevenly distribute spending based on cheapest cost per view, distribution was monitored daily to avoid spending that did not support the client’s goals. We operated the campaign daily to make sure that all video creatives got adequate exposure at a reasonable cost.

Overseas Campaign

We started off with the local campaign in Korea. But as the Korean campaign excelled with lower CPV than expected, we expanded the audience to the client’s overseas market. Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, Thailand and Vietnam were  some of their main global markets. The client did not have any overseas advertising history. Given the budget and the uncertainty, we decided to target Shipping and Logistic industry workers only, and conducted a test to compare the performance between  these 6 countries. After the test, we excluded the countries with high cost and reallocated the budget accordingly to achieve the best result balancing audience quality and cost. Under our budget plan, the overseas video view goal was reached earlier and at a lower cost than expected. This allowed us to redistribute the budget to other Korean video campaigns.

Focusing around client goals while being cost-effective, we were able to achieve efficient and exciting outcomes for these campaigns.


1.2 Million views, 1.7 Million clicks & engagements

average video view rate at 30s
lower CPV than media average
of the audiences view the video to completion